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Edgardo R. Rodriguez Collazo, is a board certified reconstructive podiatric surgeon with 25+ years of experience based in Chicago, Illinois.

Member: Department of Surgery at Ascension Saint Joseph Hospital Chicago, Illinois.

Board Member & Fellow, Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons.

Founder & Chairman of CLESF Chicago Lower Extremity Surgical Foundation.

Founder & Advisory Board Member of the American Microsurgical & Orthoplastic Society

Director: Fellowship CPME Deformity Correction & Microsurgical Limb Reconstruction.

Associate Program Director of Podiatric Surgical Residency at Ascension Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago.

He collaborates in pediatric limb reconstruction at Instituto Nacional de Pediatria & Shriners Hospital Mexico City.

Special interest in microsurgical nerve reconstruction, phantom-free amputation, and other conditions including bone infections, congenital deformities, clubfoot, and post-traumatic disorders.

Edgardo Rodriguez Collazo is a Reconstructive Podiatric Surgeon in Chicago, Illinois. His top area of expertise is primary & revisional lower extremity peripheral nerve surgery.

Do you have nerve pain problems?

We are here to provide treatment options

Advanced Prosthetics Orthotics

– We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for acute foot and ankle injuries (lower leg), peripheral nerve symptoms (pain, numbness, tingling), deformity correction, as well as failed previous surgeries.
– We try to reach a correct diagnosis prior to a treatment plan, either conservative or surgical.
-We utilize detailed electrodiagnostic testing, ultrasound and nerve blocks, along with expert neurological consultations.
– We strongly believe in a proper diagnosis for an optimal outcome.

Conditions Treated

Practice limited exclusively your peripheral nerve injures and disorders of the lower extremity.

Advanced Treatments

Avance Nerve Graft

Avance Nerve Graft – is an off-the-shelf processed human nerve allograft intended for the surgical repair of peripheral nerve discontinuities. Through a proprietary cleansing process for recovered human peripheral nerve tissue, the graft preserves the essential inherent structure of the ECM while cleansing away cellular and noncellular debris.

Avance Nerve Protector

Avance Nerve Protector – it is the only porcine submucosa extracellular (ECM) matrix surgical implant used to protect injured nerves and to reinforce nerve reconstruction while preventing soft tissue attachments. Designed to protect and isolate, the Axoguard multi-laminar ECM separates and protects the nerve from the surrounding tissues during the healing process. The patient’s own cells incorporate into the minimally processed extracellular matrix to remodel and form a tissue separating layer. Axoguard Nerve Protector is provided sterile and in a variety of sizes to meet the surgeon’s and anatomical needs.

Stim Router

Stim Router – targets the source of your pain symptoms without drugs or invasive surgery. StimRouter might be right for you if you are an adult with chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin, excluding pain in the craniofacial region. In Europe, StimRouter’s Platform Technology is also approved for treatment of overactive bladder and fecal incontinence in adults. StimRouter is not currently indicated for treatment of overactive bladder and fecal incontinence in the United States.

Phantom Pain

Phantom pain refers to the sensation of pain or discomfort that feels like it’s coming from a part of the body that’s no longer there. It commonly occurs after amputation, but can also occur after other types of surgery or injury that result in the loss of sensation or movement in a body part.

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How can Nerve Techniques Short Circuit Pain?

In order to obtain the best result for the patient, it is important to collaborate close with physiatrists, neurologists and interventional pain anesthesiologist

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